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We are always on the lookout for compassionate, creative, committed individuals to volunteer with us. However, please note that if you are not familiar with the Korean language, you will face limitations in finding volunteer opportunities of your choice.
For volunteer opportunities near you, please contact our local chapters at the number below. For obvious reasons, our chapters prefer volunteers who are fluent in Korean, and we define “fluency in Korean” as an ability to communicate with the chapter staff without any external assistance.

Area covered Chapter Phone number
Seoul city Seoul (02) 2290-6600
Busan city Busan (051) 801-4000
Daegu city Daegu (053) 573-2452
Incheon city Incheon (031) 815-5015
Ulsan city Ulsan (052) 243-7921
Gyeonggi province Gyeonggi (031) 230-1600
Gangwon province Gangwon (033) 255-9595
Chungcheongbuk province Chungbuk (043) 230-8600
Chungcheongnam province Daejeon Chungnam (042) 254-7101
Jeollabuk province Jeonbuk (063) 280-5800
Jeollanam province Gwangju Jeonnam (062) 573-0541
Gyeongsangbuk province Gyeongbuk (053) 252-9845
Gyeongsangnam province Gyeongnam (055) 263-4100
Jeju province Jeju (064) 758-3501

In particular, we are very much interested in hearing from prospective volunteers who are:

  • Fluent in multiple languages, including Korean (please view above for our definition of “fluency in Korean”)
  • Able to teach first aid and emergency response in English
  • Experienced in professional fundraising, especially from multinational corporations
  • Experienced in teaching law, especially in fields related to or involving international humanitarian law
  • Experienced in media relations or journalism
  • Experienced in visual communication, especially in photography or Web site designing
  • Experienced in information and communications technology

If you qualify for any one of these professional skills, please submit a copy of your resume or CV that contains the following information to international@redcross.or.kr.

  • Type of volunteer work
  • Name, gender and age
  • Mailing address
  • Contact info.
  • Education
  • Professional experience (include any relevant certification or license)
  • Volunteer experience
  • Awards, recognition or honors
  • Language skill