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Title KNRC Operations Update on COVID-19 (21 July 2021)
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Overall Situation

  As a fourth wave of COVID-19 raises in Republic of Korea, experiencing daily cases surpassing 1400. The Government of the Republic of Korea (GoROK) started and extended new social distancing scheme in July until August 8th – level 4 in Seoul metropolitan area and level 1~3 in the non-metropolitan areas depending on local circumstances. Under the toughest social distancing rules, private gatherings over 5 persons until 6 PM are prohibited and over 3 persons after 6 PM, restaurants are allowed to have dine-in customers until 10PM, and demonstrations are restricted. 


Relief Activities

 The Republic of Korea National Red Cross (KNRC) is carrying out relief activities in compliance with the government's guidelines of quarantine and social distancing. The KNRC is offering transport vehicles for those aged over 75 with the help of local government and volunteers to facilitate vaccination. In response to the spread of COVID-19 across the country, the Red Cross volunteers have continuously participated in fever checking, promotion for hygiene and sanitization, and assistance for preliminary medical examination.


 As a fourth wave of COVID-19 in Seoul metropolitan area raises public concerns and threatens public health, the KNRC decided to support 1,194,000 masks to the vulnerable groups from July to August. In support of medical personnel and operations, the KNRC has distributed 19,000 bottles of mineral water and 13,000 bottles of sports drink to designated COVID-19 Treatment Hospitals and screening centers.




 Three Korean Red Cross hospitals in Seoul, Incheon, Yeongju have been designated and operating as COVID-19 Treatment Hospitals in South Korea. The hospitals have transferred all in patients to other hospitals and then set additional equipment such as negative-pressure rooms to accommodate the patients.  


 Up to July 21st, the cumulative number of people hospitalized and treated in KNRC hospitals reached 3,218, and the number of tests at temporary screening stations 36,491.




The COVID-19 Vaccination Response Team, established under the KDCA, announced that 19,930,912  people were newly vaccinated as of July 21st. 16,442,892 people were the first round of vaccinations and 6,684,839 people were the second round of vaccinations in total.


 As an entrusted medical organization for COVID-19 vaccination, the KNRC has carried out its immunization program in 6 hospitals (Seoul, Inchoen, Sangju, Tongyeong, Geochang, and Yeongju), facilitating the vaccinations across the country in line with the national immunization policies. 21,940 people were vaccinated through the KNRC hospitals as of July 21st.



 The KNRC is maintaining our webpage to provide detail information regarding the KNRC activities and dentitions.


 In compliance with the government's policy to prevent the spread of infection in local communities, the KNRC continues to fulfill our responsibility to reach the populations in the last mile to increase access to COVID-19 vaccines and to control the spread of the pandemic.