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Title Donation Guideline for COVID-19 from ABROAD
Drafter Administrator Date 2020-03-26 Hits 961

Donation Guideline for COVID-19 Emergency Response in Korea​

This is to guide those who want to make in-kind and/or cash contributions from ABROAD to the Korea National Red Cross (KNRC) for helping people affected by the outbreak of COVID-19 in the Republic of Korea.

 Key Information

-         Please transport the donation items once you receive the acceptance of donation. The quality and quantity of donation items need to qualify the internal regulations.

-         The transportation fee will be on the shoulder of sender principally.

-         Korean Red Cross (KNRC) will be in charge of customs clearance process. However, donor needs to provide the relevant documents.

-     KNRC will be the authorized proxy organization to receive the donation. Any donation earmarked to the individual, group, company will Not be accepted. However, the local government can be the recipient under the consultation with KNRC.


Please find the attached file for detailed infromation


Should you have further inquiry, please contact us by e-mail​ (e-mail: krccovid19@redcross.or.kr)