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Title KNRC Operations Update on COVID-19 (25 March 2020)
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KNRC Operations Update #4 (25 March 2020)

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Korea

KNRC Operational Update

Domestic Response

At the prevention phase, KNRC supported the evacuees from the City of Wuhan, China following the governments evacuation done. As 847 evacuees were quarantined for two weeks in three designated facilities in different cities, KNRC provided packed food, books and stretching bands as part of psychosocial support. In addition, KNRC distributed masks, information materials, meal kits and relief items for vulnerable people and self-isolated people at home, mobilizing Red Cross volunteers at local level.

As the situation evolves from 20 February with wide-spread detected in Daegu and N.Gyeonsang, KNRC HQ and district chapters scaled up their  responses in the areas of health, relief, MHPSS and blood donation areas based on KNRCs responsive mechanism. As of 25 March, KNRC has reached 3,370,298 of vulnerable groups, medical personnel, isolated people and infected patients with the provision of different types of items in alignment with the governments escalated measures.

In light of the increased inbounded infection with the spread of the virus worldwide, supporting the people coming from abroad should be prioritized at this moment. Upon the request of the government, KNRC continues/scale up to provide relief items and services to the Korean evacuees and foreigners at quarantine facilities.

Thanks to the cash and in-kind contributions from other countries, KNRC had added its capacity to support people in need during the temporal shortage of the materials such as masks.  Based on the close solidarity and cooperative relations among municipals and cooperates in Korea and China, most of the contributions are coming from Chinese authorities and cooperates. In terms of the strengthening cooperation and coordination, Korea and China have well worked and responded together against the virus.

However, under the situation of a wide-spread, Challenge was to assess and map out needs arising from communities. In addition, categorizing and identifying people in needs might miss a vulnerable group such as migrants, illegal aliens and refugees. In light of this, KNRC has worked together with Refugee Network and the Ministry of Justice to support the vulnerable group with provision of relief items.

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