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Title The KNRC's Relief and Recovery Activity for Typoon 'Mitag' Victims
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The KNRC's Relief and Recovery Activity for Typoon 'Mitag' Victims




The Republic of Korea National Red Cross(KNRC, President Park Kyung-Seo) has dispatched its staff  and volunteers to Uljin, Yeongdeok in Gyeongbuk Province, Wando in Jeonnam Province, Saha in Busan, and Samcheok in Gangwon Province, which have been affected by Typhoon 'Mitag' since last October 3. KNRC has been supporting recovery works, and also providing hot-meal service, emergecy relief kits to the victims.


As of 9 a.m on October 11, 2,004 Red Cross staffs and volunteers provided meals for the victims and relief workers, as well as 820 emergency relief kits, 21 kitchen sets. Besides, the laundary service was provided to 65 households(3,743kg garments) and psychosocial support was operated 122 times.


KNRC has activated the emergeny Response System at both headquarter and local chapters in typhoon-path areas(Busan, Ulsan, Daegu, Gwangju, Gyeongnam, Gyeongbuk, Gangwon, Jeju) from the afternoon of  the October 2, when the typhoon warning was published.


Also, KNRC have distributed additional 15,000 bottles of water, 6,000 bread to Samcheok, Yeongdeok, Uljin donated by SPC group. Additionally, the overall damage situation is being shared with related institutions such as the Ministry of Interior and Safety, for close cooperation in terms of well-organized efficient support and prevention of further damage.


One relevant official of KNRC said, "The Red Cross is the first runner to rush into disaster. we will do our best to cure the typhoon victims and operate relief activities by everyone's accumulated donation."