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Title "The Safety Vulnerable Can Also Give First Aid."
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"The Safety Vulnerable C​an Also Give First Aid."

- Every 2nd Saturday of September is 'World First Aid Day' designated by IFRC -




In last 2000, The International Federation of Red Cross (IFRC) designated the every 2nd Saturday of September as World First Aid Day. The educational campaigns and activities have been carried out to promote the importance of first aid with the Red Cross movement around the world.


The theme of this year's World First Aid Day is í║First Aid with Vulnerabilities(the wide-spread supply of first aid skills, without exception)í╗. It was selected with the purpose of promoting quick responses in emergency situations by providing expertise and information. The specific target is the safety vulnerable such as the elderly, childreníĄteenagers, and the disabled.


In response, the Republic of Korea National Red Cross(KNRC, President Park Kyung-Seo) is planning to visit institutions such as social welfare centers, senior-citizen centers, disabled centers, child protection centers, single mother's shelters, etc and provide free first aid training for the vulnerable(the elderly, childreníĄteenagers, the disabled) during the period of September.


Also, the Seoul branch of the KNRC held the 'First Aid Contest' inside the subway stations(Line 7, Tareung, Hagye, Junggye) on Aug 31 and operated various experience booths for the public to bring up CPR skills, emergency response.


Meanwhile, KNRC is a designated institution for safety training and specialized manpower training of emergency response by the Ministry of the Interior and Safety. KNRC has provided high-quality first aid skills and information to around 370,000 people in 2018, and will support the enhancement of 3 million people's basic safety knowledge by 2022, through the 'First Aid Training by Visit.'


You can apply for training through KNRC web site(www.redcross.or.kr). The certificate in the name of KNRC president will be granted to trainees who finish the training above 4 hours.