Korean Red Cross

National society development

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We support the sustainable development of sister National Societies, particularly those in Asia-Pacific, knowing all too well from our own history that the presence of a strong National Society is a must for effective disaster risk reduction and response.

Currently, we operate development programmes in the following seven countries in partnership with the following sister Red Cross societies:



Partner RC


Integrated food security programme

Kenya Red Cross Society


Water and sanitation programme

Lao Red Cross


Nepal Red Cross Society


Philippine Red Cross


Water and sanitation programme

Tanzania Red Cross National Society

Infection prevention control programme


Pre-departure orientation programme for married Vietnamese women preparing to move to Republic of Korea, following their husbands

Vietnam Red Cross Society

Livelihood support for Agent Orange victims from the Vietnam War

If you wish to donate cash to any one of these development programmes, please refer to our Donate page. Please note that in case the specific programme you choose is no longer in need of further financial support, we may choose to use your donation to support our other humanitarian operations in need, without necessarily notifying you beforehand.