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Red Cross Training Courses provide integrated employment, training and education programs that enhance skills, knowledge and choices for disadvantaged and vulnerable people and communities who have previously experienced barriers to employment and education.


Title The 1st. English First Aid Course(12hrs)
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Korean Red Cross Seoul Chapter will open the English FA course in order to educate the most effective way to save his/her valuable life in the emergency situation such as outbreak of heart disease. If you are interested, your participation is greatly welcomed.


1. Course : English First Aid course (12 hours)


2. Period : July 2 - 3 (Sat.-Sun.) 10:00~17:00 (12 hours)


3. Venue: Main Auditorium (2th floor),

(472-1, Sinwol2-dong Yangcheon-gu, seoul / 서울시 양천구 신월2동 472-1)


4. Target: 10th graders and above. (First graders and above of High school students)

※ only for Foreigners or Korean who have a citizenship of English speaking countries.

※ 국내 거주중인 외국인이나 영어권 국가의 시민권을 가지고 계신 한국인만 신청 가능합니다.


5. Number of participants : 30.


6. Contents of course : Principle of First Aid, Emergency actions, Respiratory and Circulatory Systems, CPR, How to use AED, Airway obstruction, Tissue Injuries and Bleeding, Dressing and Bandaging, Injuries to Muscles, Bones and Joints, etc.


7. Certificate : FA course certificate presented by the Korean Red Cross president is issued . (Terms of Validity : 2 year)


8. Fee : KRW 50,000 (Card payment is not allowed)


9. Registration

- First, send a application form above to seoul@redcross.or.kr

- Second, we will let you know our bank account information by E-mail.

- Third, deposit the fee of KEW 50,000 to the account in June.

- Fourth, when you get confirmed E-mail from us , you are registered.





- If you deposit the fee through the internet banking or ATM, please bring with you the copy of the print. If you use the bookless deposit at the bank windows, please bring with you the receipt and your ID card.

- Please register yourself by 09:30(30 minutes before the course starts) and then attend the course on July 2-3.

- Parking lot is narrow and small, so you are kindly advised to use the public transportation.

- You are 'not' allowed to come in, after the course begins.


※Contact information

Office : 02) 2181-3106~7 (Seoul Chapter)

E-mail : seoul@redcross.or.kr


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