Korean Red Cross

Community-based health and first aid

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We offer professional, certified training to protect public health in areas such as first aid; water, mountain and road safety; peer education (targeted towards youth); psychosocial support; and senior health care management.

We organize a total of 21 courses in first aid (including cardiopulmonary resuscitation), lifeguarding and water safety, and mountain safety. Even if a set of courses are under the same category such as first aid, we differentiate them according to our target groups such as youth, prospective instructors and instructors who need to renew their certification.

All our health and safety courses are taught by certified volunteers, with the first aid volunteer units being the most populous (about 2,000 members). Like our disaster service, we also run three special volunteer units of 800 members who are primarily dedicated to rescuing people whose safety becomes threatened in water, mountains, and disasters. Together, they rescue close to 1,000 people every year.

For more information about our health and first aid courses, please check out our English-based courses here. If you have any question about our overall CBHFA service, please contact us at jjssgi@redcross.or.kr.