Korean Red Cross

Blood service

○ WHO (World Health Organization) collaboration centre (WHO CC) is institution designated by the Director-General of WHO to carry out activities in support of WHO programs.

○ KRC Blood Services was designated as a WHO CC of Blood Safety since 2014. In 2018 July, KRC blood services redesignated as Collaborating Center until 2022. The terms of reference of KRC blood services as WHO CC are as follows.

  • - Assist in the development of well-organized national programs through training and mentoring
  • - Provide technical support as requested by WHO for strengthening the national blood system based on WHO guidelines and recommendations at regional and global level
  • - Assist in the development of public awareness and donor education materials in order to accomplish 100% voluntary non-remunerated blood donation

○ Activities

  • - Training

    The Republic of Korea National Red Cross (KRC) has developed study tour programs for blood service professionals from other countries since its designation as a WHO Collaboration Centre in July, 2014. The main purposes of the programs were to share the information of KRC blood services and give them an opportunity to visit different KRC institutions to practically learn how the KRC blood services works. From March 2017 to August 2018, 78 staff members have visited the KRC from 7 countries.

    The delegation from the Mongolian National Center for Transfusion Medicine introduced some ideas that they learnt through the visit to KRC in February, 2015. They designated every 3th as blood donation day like the every 13rd of blood donation day in Korea. They also constituted the Committee of Public like the Blood Management Committee that decides the blood management policy. The designs and ideas for PR materials and blood donation gifts were made similarly with those of KRC. If you want more information, please click here.

    From 2016 to 2018, total of 45 staff members from Ministry of Health, National Blood Transfusion Service, and Hospitals from Tanzania visited KRC to learn and find best practice about blood services. Each year, KRC focused on different topics in order to give various information and study tour to Tanzania staffs. 2016 : General understanding of Korean Red Cross Blood Serivces 2017 : Blood Safety, Quality Management and Blood Testing in KRC Blood Services In 2018 : Blood Services Policy, Blood Donor Promotion and IT systems in Blood Services. Each year, participants developed action plan for each topics which they can apply in Tanzania.

  • - Voluntary Non-remunerated Blood Donation(VNRBD) Promotion

    The KRC has made the educational and training materials about KRC blood services for visits of professionals outside Korea. The materials were distributed to foreign visitors from various organizations. Providing materials that contain the activities of the KRC to promote VNRBD in Korea, it can be a bridge for them to encourage VNRBD in their countries. Additionally, the KRC shared VNRBD promotion strategies at the World Blood Donor Day (WBDD) held in Shanghai, China in June, 2015.

  • - Cooperation with WHO and WHO CCs

    The KRC attended the first regional forum of WHO CC in Western Pacific at WHO WPRO. The forum had 200 participants from more than 140 WHO CCs. The KRC fulfilled the objectives by discussing the priorities and future plans of WHO, strengthening partnership between WHO and WHO CCs, and sharing best practices of effective cooperation among organizations. The KRC is also a member of Korea WHO CC committee that convenes on a regular basis for the cooperation among WHO CCs in Korea.

○ e-mail : whocc@redcross.or.kr

WHO Collaborating Center Annual Report(2018-2019)