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Title You can donate 7 days after each COVID-19 vaccination
Drafter Administrator Date 2021-08-11 Hits 453

  Thank you all blood donors including foreigners living in Korea. The Korean Red Cross Blood Services is aimed to provide safe and effective blood products and services under the COVID-19 pandemic. 


  As you may know, the COVID-19 vaccination program is being rollout in Korea since February this year. And according to the announcement from the Central Disease Control Headquarters, you need to wait at least seven days from the date of each vaccination. If you have experienced any side effects from the vaccine, you need to wait additional seven days after the symptom-free. The same standard applies to those who returned to Korea after being vaccinated overseas. (One month deferral for overseas travel policy still being applied)


  Each Korean Red Cross blood center follows the highest safety measurements (wearing masks, check body temperature, etc.) to keep our donor safe to donate blood. We ask for your continued participation and support to maintain adequate supplies to help people in need of a transfusion.