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Title Notice to foreigners who are willing to donate blood in Korea
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Are you willing to do something amazing? Your blood donation makes a big difference to a patient who needs a transfusion! If you have resided in Korea for more than 1 year, the first requirement is already fulfilled.


Are you afraid of not being able to speak Korean? Don't worry about that! We have trained volunteers doing a translation for you to answer the questionnaires for the interview.


Please check your eligibility on our website first and let us know if you are suitable for blood donation. We are happy to make a schedule for your blood donation with volunteers. If there are no supporters in your residence area, you may need to go to a donation center in another area.(Please consult with our staff in advance through e-mail)


For KRCBS(Korean Red Cross Blood Services) volunteers assistance, please send us an email including your current area of residence, language(English/Chinese/Japanese), and preferred date & time to visit the blood donation center.


Feel free to contact us through bloodinternational@redcross.or.kr for any inquiry.


※ Tips to know on the day before donation

1. Take sleep at least 4 hours

2. Do not drink

3. Stay in good condition

4. Make sure to bring your valid ID card (alien registration, domestic residence report certificate, domestic driver's license, permanent resident card)


Each blood donation can save 3 lives, Donate Blood Today!