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Title April 19 Revolution and blood donation, the history of sharing
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President Moon Jae-in delivered the meaning of blood donation to mark the April 19 Revolution 60th anniversary. He emphasized the power of citizenship to participate in saving lives to fight against the COVID-19 outbreak.


Following is the message from President Moon.


April 19 Revolution and Blood Donation, the history of sharing


Blood donation is necessary to protect our lives, practice of noble altruism. And it is the most active form of sharing to save lives. Today, marking the 60th anniversary of the April 19 Revolution, I would like to share the meaningful history of blood donation.


In the past, we also had a period of paid donation. Some of us sold blood to sustain our daily lives. And the April 19 Revolution provided the momentum to shift the history of paid donation to history of non-remunerated blood donation.


On April 19, 1960, which we call 'Bloody Tuesday', thousand of students evoked nationwide. Indiscriminative fire from police resulted in over 100 casualties. And many citizens voluntary participated in blood donation to overcome blood shortage in treating wounded people. The Korean National Red Cross, which experienced noble behavior from citizens, started 'Love Blood Drive' in 1961 and changed blood services from paid donation to voluntary non-remunerated blood donation in 1974.


Today, to surmount the COVID-19 outbreak, many citizens have participated in blood donation to save lives. This is very proud and grateful. However, while responding to the COVID-19 outbreak, we still need blood donation for 8,000 patients to receive transfusion.


It is meaningful that our blood donation history has developed in line with our democracy. Looking back on the 60 years, where many citizens donated their blood once again to save others during May 18 Democratization Movement, the blood donation became the symbol of solidarity. And today, it is the symbol of our cooperation. I express my deepest gratitude to our people for showing their altruism.


Thank you