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Title The Leading Stars in Blood Donation
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Two actors, Kim Seung-hyun and Park Jae-min, and a fencer Nam Hyun-hee, were appointed as new ambassador for blood donation at the 16th World Blood Donor Day (WBDD) ceremony on June 14th.

On June 14th, Korean Red Cross Blood Services (KRCBS) appointed two actors, Kim Seung-hyun and Park Jae-min, and a fencer Nam Hyun-hee as new KRCBS blood donation ambassadors. They have recently gained popularity in their respective fields.

The appointment ceremony for the ambassadors was held on Friday, June 14th in KBS Art Hall (Yeouido, Seoul), Park Kyung-seo, the president of the Korea Red Cross delivered the appointment plaques.

He commented The number of people can donate blood is decreasing due to low birthrates and aging society, as well as the blood demand is continuously increasing. This means that it is time to draw the attention and participation for blood donation nationwide. KRC appreciate being with these three new ambassadors who assume great performances in their fields with bright and healthy appearances.

About Their Activities in Blood Donation

Kim Seung-hyun has encouraged people to donate blood by showing his contribution. He donated 26 times and appeared in a documentary about blood donation in 2017. Jae-min Park has also donated blood 61 times. Nam Hyun-hee led a blood drive with her fellow players for those in need.

Full of Passion and Excitement as the New Ambassador for Blood Donation

Three new ambassadors also expressed their feelings about the nomination. We are honored to be appointed as ambassadors of blood donation for KRCBS. As regular blood donors, we are very glad to be given the opportunity to promote blood donation to others. We will make the utmost efforts to raise interest for blood donation in Korea.

Meanwhile, Kim Seung-hyun gained popularity through the reality program Housekeeping Men in KBS 2TV. Park Jae-min is also popular for his participation in the Pyeongchang 2018 Olympic Winter Games as a commentator for the snowboard competition as well as a B-boy, actor and professor. Nam Hyun-hee is a legendary Korean fencing athlete who received a bronze medal in the London 2012 Summer Olympics and a gold medal in the Incheon Asian Games in 2014