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Title Celebrating 2019 World Blood Donor Day in South Korea
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  The Korean National Red Cross held a ceremony on June 14th to celebrate "World Blood Donor Day 2019" in Seoul.

  'World Blood Donor Day(WBDD)' is a day designated in 2004 by the World Health Organization(WHO), the International Federation of Red Cross(IFRC), the International Society of Blood Transfusion(ISBT), and the International Federation of Blood Donor Organizations(IFBDO) to honor and thank voluntary non-remunerated blood donor on June 14th every year.

  The topic of 2019 WBDD is to raise awareness of the need for safe blood in delivering medical services and the role of voluntary blood donation to achieve universal healthcare.

  Kyung-seo Park, the President of Korean National Red Cross, stated "KNRC has faithfully carried out its blood services   for more than 60 years since 1958. The number of blood donors reached 2.8 million in 2018 from 62 donors in 1960". In addition, he commented "Establishing 100% VNRBD wouldn't have been possible without continuous interest and support of blood donors in Korea"​

  The Director-General of KRCBS also stated "Korean Red Cross Blood Services will continue to promote various activities​ to increase the number of donors in middle-aged group(30's-40s') as well as sustaining young blood donors by providing best experience to donors"