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Title "2018 Charity Voucher" Program Funds Delivery
Drafter Administrator Date 2019-04-29 Hits 753

  The Korean Red Cross Blood Services held a ceremony to deliver 2018 Charity Voucher" program funds on March 26 in Seoul.

  Charity Voucher program is a system in which blood donors donate money instead of taking a souvenir after blood donation. The collected fund for each year is delivered through an open recruitment of support for business in the first half of next year.


  In 2018, the total amount of money raised totaled 729,822,500 won and 185,320 people participated. In addition, the fund has surpassed 700 million won for the first time since it started operating the Charity Voucher program in 2012.

  This year, the Korean Red Cross Blood Services conducted open contest in areas such as emergency life support project, public medical expenditure support project, and health hygiene support project. Through 2018 Charity Voucher Program Selection committee, a total of 12 projects were selected as the 2018 Charity Voucher Program. (2 emergency life support, 9 public medical expenditure support, 1 health hygiene support)

​  The organizations of each project will use the Charity Voucher funds for thoses who are in need, such as treatment for low-income patients with leukemia and blood cancer, cochlear implantation surgery/treatment for hearing disorder, and medical checkups for senior citizens who live alone.

  The Korean Red Cross Blood Services and stakeholders will promote the 2019 Charity voucher program through on/off-line media. By sharing this information, blood donors can see where and how their donations are being spent.