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Title Attending 5th APEC Blood Safety Policy Forum
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  From December 10-12, 2018, the Korean Red Cross Blood Services (KRCBS) participated in the 5th APEC Blood Safety Policy Forum held in Taipei, Taiwan.

​  This forum was hosted by APEC LSIF Blood Safety Network with the theme, "Raising and Converging Standards through Centers of Excellence." Blood service institutions from all parts of the Asia-Pacific region gathered to share best practice from their institution.

  "Centers of Excellence (CoE)" are blood institutions that manage client BC and possess high research capabilities as well as, a well-organized system for blood related tasks such as, blood recruitment, collection, screening, processing and distribution.

​  Dr. Myung Han Kim, the Director-General of the KRCBS, attended the forum as a speaker and presented the case regarding the integration of the KRC Blood Laboratory Centers. By 2008, the number of KRCBS Laboratory Centers in Korea was integrated to 3 after the initial integration in 2000 from 16 to 7. Dr. Kim went on to further illustrate the following results of the integration: increased efficiency in human resource management, ease in introduction of  new equipment, advanced task standardization & quality management and advantages of prompt communication.

  In 2014, APEC hosted the first forum in Manila and representatives adopted the APEC Blood Supply Chain 2020 Roadmap to address blood safety in the region. Since then, APEC began organizing the Blood Safety Policy Forum annually and the KRC has contributed to the development of blood services in the Asia Pacific region.

The APEC 2020 Blood Supply Chain Roadmap was established to develop blood service for countries in the Asia Pacific region by considering the following: striving to improve global standards for blood safety, optimize the efficiency of blood supply systems and coordinate and collaborative approached to optimize blood processing testing, and distribution systems.