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Title MOMOLAND¡¯, KRCBS New Blood Donation Promotion Ambassador
Drafter Administrator Date 2018-06-08 Hits 1096

K-Pop girl group MOMOLAND has been designated as new Korean Red Cross Blood Services (KRCBS) ambassador since February 2018.


Since South Korea is currently facing low birth rate and decline in blood donation population, KRCBS is finding various alternatives to continuously expand future blood donation group.


In this respect, KRCBS is expecting MOMOLAND can conduct key role in promoting blood donation and elevate awareness of blood donation for all generations especially on teenagers and twenties. Currently, MOMOLAND participates in several events held by KRCBS.


MOMOLAND commented, ¡°We are pleased to have an opportunity to work as a KRCBS ambassador. We will try our best to make blood donation friendly to all generations¡±


¡Ø MOMOLAND: K-Pop girl group debuted with ¡®Welcome to MOMOLAND¡¯ in 2016. Currently, their third EP, ¡°Great!¡± with the title track ¡°Bboom Bboom¡± is gaining surprise hit and planning debut in Japan on June 2018.