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Title Attending 2017 World Blood Donor Day Global Event in Hanoi, Vietnam
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Attending 2017 World Blood Donor Day Global Event in Hanoi, Vietnam 


Written by blood donor, Yinquan Sohn 

As an outstanding blood donor, I had an opportunity to attend the World Blood Donor Day Global Event with Korean Red Cross staff in Hanoi, Vietnam. 

On the first day of the event, I had a chance to visit the National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion (NIHBT) and listen to the lecture about the process of blood collection and supply. 


On the next day, I attended the workshop and discussed the topic, "Development of a Blood Donor Programme to Ensure Safe and Adequate Supply", with participants from different countries. Each participant talked about strategies and best practices of stable blood supply. Also, many participants had comments about the presentation of Korean Red Cross Blood Services with the theme of blood donor recruitment strategies. They have made comments that it was impressive to learn about the importance of utilizing social media aiming the target blood donors, which are teens and 20s in Korea. 



I also attended the event that awarded 100 outstanding Vietnamese blood donors in the evening. By awarding blood donors, the organization expressed the gratitude to them and encouraged them to continue to donate blood in the future.  

It was a great opportunity to attend the global event and get to know blood donors from all over the world. This experience also greatly helped me better understand the significance of blood donation. I will continue to donate blood regularly and contribute to saving people's lives. ​