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Title 2017 World Blood Donor Day in Korea
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KRC Blood Service has celebrated 2017 World Blood Donor Day at Sejung Center, Seoul, on June 14. With the theme, "Give blood. Give now. Give Often", the KRC started the ceremony by showing the video of 2017 WBDD promotion and blood donor interview.



Nearly 250 people came to the 2017 WBDD event this year. Blood donation promotion ambassadors also attended the event and one of the ambassadors, JK Kim Dong-wook, sang several songs at the event. One interesting performance was Hula Girls which is a group of people who survived from breast cancer. They shared the messages of the significance of blood donation with others.



In this event, the KRC has given awards to those who were outstanding blood donors and recited the poem related to blood donation as well.



The KRC will continue to promote blood donation and raise the awareness of the significance of blood donation in Korea.


For further photos and videos, please access to the link (in Korean) :  http://blog.naver.com/blood_info/221035118014