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Title Notice to Foreign Blood Donors Who Do Not Speak Korean
Drafter Administrator Date 2017-03-15 Hits 1007

For those who want to donate blood in Korea,

Annually, Korean Red Cross Blood Services collects approximately 2,000 units of blood donation from foreigners in Korea. Following the strict rules, foreigners must speak fluent Korean or have an interpreter or the third person who can communicate with the nurse for donor interview (Please read the donor eligibility for foreigners for more details).

Many foreigners have asked us to find the interpreter for their blood donation, and now we have trained volunteers who can help you translate the questionnaires for the interview.

Even if you do not speak Korean, do not worry! 

You can check the donor eligibility for foreigners on the website and let us know if you are qualified to donate blood. We are happy to help you arrange the schedule for your blood donation with volunteers.

If you have any inquiry, please contact us at 033-811-0088 or bloodinternational@redcross.or.kr.

Your donation can save up to 3 lives.