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Title Join the Red Translation and Interpretation Supporters (RedTIS) Program
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Join the Red Translation and Interpretation Supporters (RedTIS) Program



Korean Red Cross Blood Service (KRC) Headquarters has newly launched the volunteer program called Red Translator and Interpreter Supporters (RedTIS).


As a volunteer translator and interpreter, this program provides the opportunity for people who are interested in blood services to get involved in the international activities of the KRC blood service.   


The responsibilities of the supporters are¡¦

- To assist in the blood donation interview for foreign blood donors

- To translate blood service-related materials into different languages, and

- To engage in the international blood service activities such as training, forum, and workshop


Based on our mission of facilitating and promoting humanitarian work by blood service, the RedTIS members pledge to contribute their time and skills to become familiar with KRC Blood Service and serve for people in need.


KRC Blood Service will provide volunteer certificates to all supporters and hold regular meetings to share their experiences with other supporters.


If you are interested in the RedTIS program, please contact us at bloodinternational@redcross.or.kr or 82)33-811-0088.