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Title Blood Donation Artwork Contest held by Korean Red Cross Blood Service and China Chengdu Blood Center
Drafter Administrator Date 2016-09-09 Hits 1623

Korean Red Cross (KRC) Blood Service and China Chengdu Blood Center held the collaborative blood donation artwork contest on August 13, 2016. The purpose of the contest was to promote the significance of blood donation and raise the awareness of blood donation among elementary school students who are potential donors. 


With the theme, Blood donation and sharing, 75 elementary school students participated in the artwork contest and drew the pictures at the Jamsil Station in Seoul, Korea. Based on the creativity and the quality of artistic composition, 16 students have received the awards.


Furthermore, KRC Blood Service prepared for the special event for the participants and their family members to promote blood donation. KRC Blood Service set the calligraphy section that had pieces of artwork with the messages of blood donation. A robot was also displayed with the monitor showing the information of blood donation. Students and their families also enjoyed watching musical performance and magic show. They had a chance to play the musical instruments such as the guitar and piano.


The blood donation artwork contest provided the opportunity for elementary school students to become blood donors in the future and family members to increase the awareness of the blood donation. Also, the contest was meaningful to KRC Blood Service in terms of conducting the collaborative work with Chengdu Blood Center. KRC Blood Service will continue to put an effort in promoting blood donation and actively working with blood services in different countries to save peoples lives.


1. Blood Donation Artwork Contest banner


2. Drawing pictures


3. Drawing pictures


4. Calligraphy section


5. A robot showing the information of blood donation


6. Musical performance and participants playing the musical instruments


7. Awards ceremony


8. Artwork receiving awards