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Title International Activities in 2015
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Since the establishment of global cooperation team in march, 2015, the team has been developing programs for foreign visitors in blood sector and cooperating with relevant organizations for the promotion of international activities. a total of 63 foreign visitors from 9 countries (Peru, Mongolia, Germany, Tanzania, Macao, Iran, China, Japan, and Indonesia) came to Korean Red Cross Blood Service(KRCBS) to learn the advanced system of the krc blood service and share the information regarding blood service in 2015.


Seoul Seobu Blood Center

Yeongdeungpo Blood Donation Center(fixed site)

- Mongolian visitors -


Apart from foreign visitors in blood sector, civilians also visited KRCBS. university students from Korea, China, and Japan came to Seoul Seobu Blood Center and Central Laboratory Center as one of the events in the university RCY(Red Cross Youth) program organized by Korean Red Cross Seoul Chapter. They had an opportunity to learn the meaning and importance of blood donation and had a field trip to see the process from blood collection to supply.


KRCBS headquarters was designated as WHO CC(World Health Organization Cooperation Centre) in July, 2014, and since then, the HQ has been carrying out various activities such as organizing a field trip for foreign visitors, promoting voluntary non-remunerated blood donation(VNRBD), improving service for foreign donors, and etc. The HQ plans to co-host the Asia Pacific VNRBD workshop with International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent in order to promote VNRBD in coming April. The HQ has also shared expertise and contributed to finalize the haemovigilance guideline in the meeting held by who in Geneva.


the krc blood service also gets involved in official development assistance conducted by korea international cooperation agency(koica). the krc blood service staff have been taking part in koica projects for blood center foundation in jordan, maternal and child health care improvement in tanzania, and etc.


as blood services from saudi arabia, macao, and peru showed their interest in adopting blood information management system(bims), the hq plans to develop a multi language program in bims.