Korean Red Cross


Korean Red Cross (KRC) initiated Blood Services taking over National Blood Center in 1958. In 1981, the Korean government delegated national blood services to the Korean Red Cross (KRC) with the responsibility of protecting the life and health of Korean citizens. KRC Blood Services is the country's largest blood supplier and, as of 2017, provided 92.7% of blood in the Republic of Korea. We aim to provide the world's highest quality blood services and products for donors, recipients and medical institutions.

○ Main Activities

  • • Manufacture and supply blood products for transfusion and fractionation
  • • Import and supply plasma-derived medicinal products
  • • Donor recruitment for bone marrow transplantation
  • • Management of blood donor information
  • • Research on blood products or transfusion medicine

○ Contact Us

  • "Donate Blood Today and Save 3 Lives!Ħħ (School Blood Drive)
  • "Donate Blood Today and Save 3 Lives!Ħħ (Corporation Blood Drive)