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○ Donor Eligibility

Donnor Eligibility

Whole Blood Apheresis
320 mL 400 mL Plasma Platelets Plasma Platelets
Age 16-69 17-69 17-69 17-59
Weight Male: at least 50kg, Female: at least 45kg
(For 400mL, both male and female should weigh at least 50kg)
Period until next blood
Every 2 months Every 2 weeks
Time duration 20 minutes 30-40 minutes 1 hour ~ 1.5hour
Possible number of
blood donations per
5 times/year N/A 24 times/year

○ Blood donation by people aged 65 or older, participation limited to those who have blood donation experience between 60 to 64.

○ Donor Eligibility for Foreigners(Updated on August 1, 2018)

A. People who have lived in Korea for more than one year(excluding the period for travelling overseas)

- If a donor has over 90 days of accumulated travelling history outside Korea within 1 year, the donor is eligible to donate blood after 1 year from the date of last re-entry to the Republic of Korea

- A donor cannot give blood if the donor has travelled overseas within 1 month

If you have travelled overseas while living in Korea, it is recommended to consult staff by telephone or email to avoid unnecessary visit or have consultation on your visit.

- Email : bloodinternational@redcross.or.kr
- Telephone : 033-811-0072(Korean), 033-811-0088(English)

B. People who speak Korean or have an interpreter (donor interviews will be conducted in Korean)

- Only employees of Blood Centers or third persona will be qualified as interpreters (family members and co-workers of donors are not eligible)

C. People who hold a certificate of alien registration, a Korean driving license, an ID card issued by United States Forces Korea (including family members of USFK). A passport may be used if the person is exempt from alien registration

- In special cases, such as being an ambassador, the above requirements may be waived by the Committee for Blood Safety Management in each blood center.

D. All of the above should be met in order to donate blood in Korea.

E. Note that final evaluation of your eligibility is done at the center

○ Restricted areas of blood donation by Malaria risk(by continents)

○ Blood Donation Center(List Download)

- Communication in English may not be possible depending on the blood donation center