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○ Donor Eligibility

Donnor Eligibility

Whole Blood Apheresis
320 mL 400 mL Plasma Platelets Plasma Platelets
Age 16-69 17-69 17-69 17-59
Body Weight Male : 50kg ≤ , Female : 45kg ≤
(For 400mL, both male and female should weight over 50kg)
12.5 g/dL ≤ 12.0 g/dL ≤
2 months 2 weeks
Duration 20 minutes 30 ~ 40 minutes 60 ~ 90 minutes
number of
5 times / year Not
24 times / year
Individuals aged 65 or older are eligible if they have a donation history between age 60 to 64

○ Donor Eligibility for Foreigners (Updated on September 17, 2019)

A. You must have stayed in Korea for more than a year to donate blood (excluding the period for overseas travel)

- If you have visited other countries for more than 90 days accumulatively within one year, you will need to wait a year from the date of return.

- You will be deferred from donation if you have traveled overseas within 1 month

※ If you have traveled overseas while living in Korea, please consult with our staff by telephone or email to avoid unnecessary visit.

- Email : donateblood@redcross.or.kr
- Telephone : 033-811-0072(Korean), 033-811-0088(English)

B. You should be able to speak Korean as the interview will be conducted in Korean

- Only our staff or a third person will be qualified as an interpreter (family members and co-workers are not allowed to provide interpretation)

C. You should have a valid ID card to participate in blood donation. Alien registration, domestic residence report certificate, domestic driver's license, permanent resident card, ID card issued by USFK are accepted as valid ID cards. A passport is valid if you are exempt from alien registration.

- In special cases, such as being an ambassador, the requirement for valid ID card may be waived after a thorough review by the blood center.

D. All of the above should be met in order to donate.

E. Note that final evaluation of your eligibility is done at the center

○ Compulsory notices for blood donation

○ List of blood donation centers

- Communication in English may not be possible depending on the blood donation center