Korean Red Cross

Blood service

Some guy who donating blood. Our blood service is our single largest domestic program, covering over 95% of South Korea¡¯s total blood supply. It boasts a highly advanced operating system, large number of dedicated staff and a vast network of committed blood donors. As an agency responsible for nationwide blood transfusion, our mission is to procure and supply safe blood to those who need it most as quickly as possible. To protect the health of both blood donors and recipients, we periodically upgrade the equipments we use in blood collection and preparation, and over the years, have been adding more screening and testing for contamination or communicable diseases such as AIDS and Hepatitis B. We vigorously recruit prospective blood donors and promote a nationwide understanding of voluntary non-remunerated blood. We also disseminate correct knowledge about blood extraction and transfusion and develop faster, safer, more convenient ways to manage our blood service.

If you have any question about our overall blood service, please contact us at bloodinternational@redcross.or.kr.

Key facts

In 2011, over 2.5 million people donated their blood to us. In general, about 5% of the Korean population donates blood every year. Starting from July 2010, our society has been recognizing a one-time blood donation as equivalent to four hours of volunteer service.